THE MORNING WALK-THROUGH #65 – Are you the favorite? Are you the supreme underdog? It doesn’t matter – Define your objectives

I confuse the difference between what an objective is and what a goal is. I want to really hone in and define an objective. Why? I believe it’s a huge factor when improving your team. Simply put, clearly defined objectives for an athlete, a unit, and a team leads to improvement and ultimate success.

Objectives ‘“ has the word ‘object’ in it. Objects are concrete. They are something that you can hold in your hand.

Definition of Goals and Objectives
Goals ‘“ are long-term aims that you want to accomplish.
Objectives ‘“ are concrete attainments that can be achieved by following a certain number of steps.

Objectives ‘“ can be measured. Simply phrase your objective in the form of a question. For example, ‘I want to accomplish x in y amount of time’ becomes ‘Did I accomplish x in y amount of time?’ This can easily be answered in a yes or no form.

Examples of Goals and Objectives
Goals ‘“ I want to be a better ball player. I want to learn more about Chinese history. I want to maximize my professional performance.
Objectives ‘“ I want to memorize the periodic table before my next quiz. I want to increase my sales by 10% this month. I want learn to play ‘Freebird’ on the guitar.

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