Coaching Process Wins was borne from the philosophy of helping football coaches. We can only help if we stay true that that core belief – Help. The way we do our best to help is by telling the truth. The truth is the only way we can talk about what we believe in.

We believe that technology has rightfully worked it’s way into making coaching processes better. One of the most prevalent technologies that has made its way into high school football is that of sideline replay. Just like improvements in helmets, improvements in weight lifting, equipment, and improvements in scheme, if coaches don’t stay current they can easily be left behind. To be left behind is to meet with a lack of success, and success in all facets of our program is what we each strive for.

We also believe we have found a Sideline Replay Technology that we can stand behind and we can use. If we are going to buy it, if we are going to use it (and we are), then we feel confident in talking about it. This Sideline Replay Technology is GameStrat. We came upon GameStrat in the best way possible, through a recommendation of a fellow football coach that uses this new technology. The coach actually reached out to us with no prompting or request. As they say, “word of mouth” is the best form of advertising. We were excited to find out more, so we went right to the GameStrat founder and found out for ourselves. We not only became believers, but also buyers, and we want to share our findings with you.

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In this podcast we check the following boxes for standing behind GameStrat

  • The best customer service – The CEO/Founder picks up the phone to answer clients trouble shooting problems
  • No in-game down time and stoppage glitches – The GameStrat technology is self-contained meaning no WI-FI issues. The system will work in a cow pasture
  • The technology allows for instant in-game tagging for important game data cells (Quarter, ODK, D&D, Yard line, hash mark, run/pass, play gain, etc, etc)
  • Because no wi-fi is necessary a coach can review, analyze, and grade the entire game on the bus ride back home on any of his devices
  • Competitive to lower price points on all three package offerings

How can you learn more about GameStrat? Remember S2A100 in the Promo Code

  • Listen to this podcast interview with Tunch Akkaya the CEO
  • Go to site: GameStrat
  • Follow GameStrat on twitter at: @ GameStrat_ 

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